The Chapman Sisters

IMG_3382These ladies by Peter Chapman have been causing much interest! Peter is, though he doesn’t broadcast it, the uncle of Jake and Dinos Chapman. AKA The Chapman Brothers. An interesting family and a great connection for Yarmouth.

One of the biggest pleasures has been to see the shrieks of absolute joy from children passing by who find them hilarious (probably as they are so UNSUITABLE!).

Essentially, they are ‘Grotesques’ – to apply an art term – referencing body art and piercing and exuding absolute confidence in there own utter gorgeousness. At the very least, we think these girls are emancipated!

They are also some of the most socially networked people in Yarmouth (please share to Gallery133 Facebook page and give proper credit to the artist if you are sharing – thanks). The Chapman Sisters will be on show until March 3rd if you want to come say hello…