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Films Showing In The Gallery During June and July

Gallery 133 is showing a collection of films with local connections and themes of memory alongside stills by Charcrit Boonsom, Martin Figura and others  daily until the 17th July.

Below are a list of films currently showing in the gallery – all of which can be viewed during opening hours and will be subject to changes…

All films are showing for free

The ‘Our Town’ Project:  A series of short films commissioned by the Community History Officer Laura Matthews and Time and Tide Museum in collaboration with BBC Voices, SeaChange Arts Trust and local film-maker Matthew Harrison.

John Dashwood: Poems and Paintings: Local Film-maker Charcrit Bonsoom’s film following and documenting the life and work of John Dashwood.

The Cabinet Of Past Delights: 4 Short films by NUA Fine Art students responding to the brief: “From what stuff are memories made?”

Michael Horsley Painter and Printmaker (40 Mins): A film about the Cromer based artist and his work by Siri-Susanna Taylor.

Showtime A Brush With the Circus: A document of a 2 year project by Katherine Hamilton at the Hippodrome Circus which also follows her journey through life as a dancer, choreographer, world traveller and artist.

After Life by Shirley Day (now on the festival circuit)

Her by James Wilson

Sound – Silent

Cameras – Apple (iPhone 4 & iPad Air)

Written, directed, created and devised by James Dean Wilson.

Subject – Notes taken from dreams of my wife over five years. Capturing fear, thought, the quiet of sleep and the light you see when eyes close.

Influences from Dali, Emin, Turner & Pollock.

Genres – Surrealism, Noir, Silent Film,

Sight and Sound Continued: Film at 133

Our current film event kicked off with an exclusive screening at St George’s Theatre on Sunday June 14th at 5pm of Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain. A film about the industrial disaster at Union Carbide’s pesticide manufacturing site in Bhopal, India on December 3rd 1984 when 8000 local people were killed.

Download Michael Sutton’s review of this event and Q&A session.

David Brooks, co-stars, writes and directs the film

The film stars Martin Sheen (West Wing, Apocalypse Now) Mischa Barton and Kal Penn amongst other leading actors.  The screening represents a rare and exclusive chance to see a major upcoming feature film before it goes on general release.

David Brooks, who has travelled extensively in India, co-stars, writes and directs the film said:

“I’m very happy to be supporting the GY Arts Festival and look forward to discussing the film with everyone who comes along during the Q and A session. There are so many issues – legal, medical and environmental and the story of this disaster unfolds daily still around the world”.

The film is beautifully crafted depicting the tragedy of the local workers and residents and the hypocrisy of those who neglected health and safety concerns, whilst failing to present themselves to the Indian authorities thereafter.

The screening was followed afterwards by a question and answer session with David Brooks (Writer, Director and ‘Shane’ opposite Martin Sheen in the film) and the owner of Gallery 133, Liam Murphy.

Money raised will be split between The Bhopal Medical Appeal to aid the injured survivors and Great Yarmouth film projects.