Framing Course

We run picture framing classes and courses for all abilities from a purpose made workshop at Gallery 133.  Course days include lunch and refreshments and special dietary requirements will be catered to where possible.

A course handbook has been produced for all who attend which includes all necessary information for starting your first professional picture framing workshop – or if you prefer – come and hire ours!!

If you are intending buying equipment, it might be worth waiting until you have tried some different types. We are happy to offer advice on tools and machinery suitable to your individual needs.

Course Aims

We aim to assist artists, photographers and potentially anyone who wishes to perform their own framing to do so at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional framer, with at least as good a result but without incurring the cost and commitment of maintaining their own fully serviced framing studio. Equally we are also happy to assist in setting up your own professional studio if desired. All our facilities are also for hire to individuals and organisations who would like to do their own framing.

The primary aim of the first day of the course is to enable students to have a basic ability to make a frame with glazing, board, mount, seals and fitting ready to hang to a professional standard. In the second day of the course, we aim to be more flexible, according to the individual needs of students attending. Broadly, the aim is to enable students to perform framing tasks for themselves and according to their own needs. We are happy to welcome you for one or two days – or more according to your requirements..

Course Fees

A one day course costs £140.00 and includes lunch, basic tuition in the use of all equipment, introduction to materials  and you will make a simple window mounted framed print.

A two day course costs £250.00 and you will follow on from day one by producing a box-frame, familiarising yourself with conservation framing practices and all main elements of professional practice.

Further help and ongoing assistance is always available..


Accommodation can be arranged if required – please get in touch.


  • Alfamachine Underpinner
  • Morso Mitre Machine
  • Keencut 4000 Board and Glass-cutter
  • Keencut Mountcutter
  • Various Hand tools
  • Heat Press
  • Bambi Compressor
  • Glass cutting tools/ hand tools etc.

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