Films Showing In The Gallery During June and July

Gallery 133 is showing a collection of films with local connections and themes of memory alongside stills by Charcrit Boonsom, Martin Figura and others  daily until the 17th July.

Below are a list of films currently showing in the gallery – all of which can be viewed during opening hours and will be subject to changes…

All films are showing for free

The ‘Our Town’ Project:  A series of short films commissioned by the Community History Officer Laura Matthews and Time and Tide Museum in collaboration with BBC Voices, SeaChange Arts Trust and local film-maker Matthew Harrison.

John Dashwood: Poems and Paintings: Local Film-maker Charcrit Bonsoom’s film following and documenting the life and work of John Dashwood.

The Cabinet Of Past Delights: 4 Short films by NUA Fine Art students responding to the brief: “From what stuff are memories made?”

Michael Horsley Painter and Printmaker (40 Mins): A film about the Cromer based artist and his work by Siri-Susanna Taylor.

Showtime A Brush With the Circus: A document of a 2 year project by Katherine Hamilton at the Hippodrome Circus which also follows her journey through life as a dancer, choreographer, world traveller and artist.

After Life by Shirley Day (now on the festival circuit)

Her by James Wilson

Sound – Silent

Cameras – Apple (iPhone 4 & iPad Air)

Written, directed, created and devised by James Dean Wilson.

Subject – Notes taken from dreams of my wife over five years. Capturing fear, thought, the quiet of sleep and the light you see when eyes close.

Influences from Dali, Emin, Turner & Pollock.

Genres – Surrealism, Noir, Silent Film,